• SJICN Team

Forum 3 Webinar Canceled

SJICN will be cancelling our third and final Vacation Rental Forum, Collaborative Action, originally scheduled for Thursday, June 24 at 7PM because the parties need to do more work to commit to specific agreed-upon next steps.

All parties have instead chosen to meet in the next few days to clarify those actions they can commit to supporting, those they can’t and those that they feel require more discussion with their constituents.

Once meaninful steps forward have the commitments from both the representatives from Vacation Rental Working Group and Hosting on the Rock, SJICN will consider the best way to present this information to all islanders. They can then share their opinions on these solutions and suggest policies and actions. In this way, we want to give all islanders the opportunity to be heard and counted because your voice is important!

Stay tuned for more information. You can subscribe to receive updates at www.sjicn.org/subscribe-donate.

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